• Satisfied Client.
    Satisfied Client.

    Remebering With Roses

    The Challenge. They wanted a new online presence that was more user friendly and better showcased their great handmade jewelry.

    The Solution. Simplified navigation. New store with Facebook integrated login. Joomla content manager for easy updating.

  • Make An Impression.
    Make An Impression.

    Don't hand out just any business card.

    All cards are custom designed.  Choose from single or double sided, full color or BW (if you must), ronded or straight corners, and with or without a UV coating.  

    Not only do they look good, they won't break the bank.  Contact me to find out more.

Webmail Access

  • Sunday, 03 February 2013 20:21

Webmail access is available on every website.  

For sites built after April 1, 2011 use the Cloud Server address.  Prior to that use the Shared Server address. 

Cloud Servers: http://webmail.yourdomain.com

Shared Servers: http://mail.yourdomain.com

If you are using IMAP, your received and sent email will be accssible in your webmail.  

If you are using POP3, the emails accessible in your email may vary from nothing to the amount of emails you received over the last x number of days.  If you have zero emails it is likely that your computer email client (like Outlook) is removing emails from the server on download.  If you have a few but not a lot, your email client is likely set to leave email on the server for x number of days before deleting.

Resetting Email Password

Email passwords can be changed via webmail.  Below is the process for changing email passwords on Cloud Servers.

Log into webmail using the address above.

Click on Settings in the upper right of your webmail.

On the settings screen, click on Change Password on the left.

email webmail 3


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